Computer Science Engineering student who wants to build products users love. Great JavaScript and CSS skills, including React. Prefers functional programming. Strong communication skills developed in several nonprofit commitments.

Outside of programming I spend time on synthesisers and coffee.

Currently writing my master thesis with the draft title: Symbolic Functional Finite Exterior Calculus. We aim to improve the performance of a partial differential equation solver by implementing the front-end as a symbolic domain specific language written in Haskell.

Relevant Work Experience

Developer, Klimator AB

Gothenburg - Summer 2018

Worked on Road Status Info, an app which predicts winter road conditions. I developed the map-based front-end using React and also worked on tuning the PostgreSQL database for large amounts of geospatial data.

Web developer, Ericsson AB

Lindholmen, Gothenburg - Summer 2017

I developed a tool to install and manage low power radio devices in non-cellular networks. The main application will be to roll-out IoT systems. It was built as a responsive web app using React with Go on the back-end.

IT Consultant, Chalmers teknologkonsulter, CTK


Worked part time as an IT consultant. Built, among other things, an iOS app and a tool to show and analyse elections results.

Configuration Manager, Ericsson AB

At Radio System Design in Kista, Stockholm. 2012-2013

It started as a four month internship but I stayed for 9. Administred and hosted a Control Change Board, worked with RoHS2 certification of cellular base stations and configuration management.


Chalmers University of Technology

Selection of Other Experiences

Student Union Council


I was the secretary for the Chalmers Student Union Council 2016-2017 and a member of the council the year after.

Event Responsible, CHARM - Chalmers student union work fair


I was part of the organizing committee for the Chalmers Student Union Work Fair. The fair has about 150 exhibitors and several thousand visitors. I worked with corporate relations and events.

Producer, Chalmersspexet Bob


I was the musical director of the music theater Magnus Ladulås. During the year we played over 20 shows for several thousand people. I managed an orchestra of 9 musicians and a cast of 7 actors/singers.